HKG _________________________________________ GMT +8

GMT +8

+8 is an alignment of associated insurance businesses, each one of us focused on a core expertise, run by people who care about their clients, their colleagues and their reputations. No egos. No politics. No nonsense.

Hong Kong is GMT +8.

What We Do

We celebrate the merits of enterprising, knowledge-driven businesses and strive to provide practical support and advice to help shape and develop the future of SMEs in the (re)insurance industry.

Hong Kong gives us an exhilarating platform from which to drive our ecosystem of companies offering a range of (re)insurance advisory and support services. Our ventures operate globally, with particular focus on the rapidly expanding markets of China and the Asia Pacific and the international logistics sector.

What To Expect From Us


Clear-sighted creativity built on decades of experience, worldwide relationships, and a whole lot of energy.


Real world perspectives and a thorough understanding of the essential infrastructure for success in the insurance industry.


Efficient and approachable use of fast, reliable cloud-based architecture for everyone in our ecosystem.


Multicultural and diverse, instinctively international, you can find our people on four continents.